Hair Recovery Program (HRP)

Hair Recovery Program In Dermal Aesthetic Clinic

The Hair Recovery Program SP55 enhances the growth of new hair and activates dormant follicles. HRP treatment is the best solution for hair loss. It is a complex composition of peptides, vitamins, and natural ingredients which support the stem cells in the follicle. The formula focuses on stimulating growth using brand-new research to strengthen the existing hair at the root. After the treatment, the hair is thicker and more voluminous. You’ll get your lost hairs back in Dermal Aesthetic Clinic.


The prices shown are starting prices and the exact price will be confirmed in consultation which treatment options, suitability, and the price will be discussed.


Frequently Asked Questions

HRP treatment has got two types: clinical sessions which take place in our clinic and a home kit type which you can use alongside.  
The HRP clinical session takes around an hour and a half which includes pre-treatment, HRP, and finishing with LED light.
We recommend you a course of 5 clinical sessions spreading every 2 weeks alongside the home kit that needs to be done every night.
  • In only 8 weeks, you will notice a great reduction in hair fall, thicker and stronger hair and new hair growth. 
  • Hair, eyebrows and beard.

  • It is recommended to avoid exposure to sunlight after every session for 8 hours. Do not wash the hair, beard, or eyebrow after every session for 8 hours. Avoid contacting with the eyes, if it occurs, rinse with water.