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Facelift surgery is generally safe, but it may be dangerous if you do not take some points into consideration. Visiting a professional plastic surgeon, having the facelift at the right age, and so forth can cause your skin and facelift surgery to be safe.

  Definitely, visiting a professional plastic surgeon with a lot of experience for your facelift surgery is the key to your safe facelift. Some people just visit an inexperienced doctor due to the fact that they just want to pay less money. But they must be aware of the fact that facelift surgery is a very delicate surgery.

  Undergoing the facelift surgery at about age forty has a more long-lasting result. You could have surgery whenever you are over forty years old, but based on studying a lot of cases, having the facelift in the early-to-mid forties can last longer.

  Facelift surgery can cause some problems. Some of them can be handled by special care and some others could be taken care of by surgical correction. Here are some of the problems, press on them to figure out how we fix them in DAC:


  It rarely happens. A facelift can rarely block the flow of your blood into your facial tissues. It causes skin loss (sloughing). It could be cured with medications.

Hair loss

  Hair loss is sometimes permanent, and sometimes it is temporary. Permanent hair loss can be treated with surgery to transplant skin with hair follicles.

Nerve injury

  It rarely happens. It can temporarily or permanently affect nerves that control sensation or muscles. Temporary paralysis of a select muscle, resulting in an uneven facial appearance or expression, or temporary loss of sensation can last a few months. Surgery may be helpful.


  A collection of blood (hematoma) under the skin that causes swelling and pressure is the most common complication of facelift surgery. Hematoma formation, which usually occurs with 24 hours of surgery, is treated promptly with surgery to prevent damage to the skin and other tissues.

  You should be aware of the fact that cosmetic surgery is, in fact, a surgery, and surgery should never be taken lightly. Visit a professional plastic surgeon before deciding on your facelift.

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