How does micro-needling work for acne scars?

Acne is not a life-threatening problem, but sometimes you may have to deal with scars caused by pimples. Acne is created by cystic acne or from picking at your skin. Scars from acne can last for a couple of months or even worse than that it can last for years.

  If you have tried over-the-counter medicine, and they were not helpful, maybe it is time to think about micro-needling. Micro-needling is a great treatment to treat scars and wrinkles, and it is done by a dermatologist or a skincare specialist. Because of good results shown by clinical studies, Micro-needling can help acne scars.

  In the process of micro-needling, a dermatologist uses fine needles to prick your skin. In the process of skin-pricking, your skin wants to heal the small wounds caused by the needles so that they will produce more collagen. The collagen produced by the skin will result helping to smooth your skin’s appearance, fill in fine lines, wrinkles, and scars. Therefore, the skin needling can be used for:

  • Burn scars
  • Acne scars
  • Surgical scars
  • Sun damage
  • Stretch marks
  • Sagging skin
  • Large pores
  • Hair loss

  American Academy of Dermatology believes micro-needling is really useful for depressed acne scars, not the raised ones. It is because of collagen-inducing effects. Having raised acne scars means the existence of excess collagen in the area.

  Some studies demonstrated that if the skin needling is combined with PRP or vitamin C, the effect of skin needling will be greater. Skin needling works really better and safer for dark skin tones, but it is not the same thing with other minimally invasive skin corrective treatments like laser therapy. The reason is that dermal-needling treatment does not remove or damage the outer layer of skin. Micro-needling is meant to be safe for sensitive and thin skin, too.

Side effects of micro-needling for acne scars

  Minor side effects of micro-needling such as redness, inflammation, and bruising are quite usual. But these side effects are going to disappear within a few days.

Things to do before and after micro-needling

  You must avoid direct sun exposure and rigorous exercise for the very first few days after the treatment. Moreover, you have to avoid using alcohol-based skin products since they make the side effects worse. You might also experience acne breakouts after micro-needling, but they are not serious, and they will disappear on their own. Try not to pick at your skin because it leads to the severity of the side effects.

  Being in exposure to the sun or tanning can irritate your skin and make inflammation worse. The chances of bruising and inflammation will be reduced if you drink a lot of water the day before and at the time of treatment. Furthermore, you must not wear any makeup on the day of treatment.

  Micro-needling is considered a quick treatment. Many people go to work the day after the treatment. You can also apply light powder to cover bruises and redness. Your dermatologist may disagree to have micro-needling treatment if you have an acne breakout right now. If you scar easily, you will need to talk to your doctor before the treatment because micro-needling potentially creates more scars on the top of the ones caused by acne.

  You had better not take this treatment if you are pregnant, or you have had skin radiation therapies lately. For more information, you can contact us at the DAC clinic.

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