Fat Dissolving Injection

What's The Fat Dissolving Injection?

Fat Dissolving Injections are non-invasive treatment. The popularity of these fat dissolving injections has increased over the years. This treatment is not only for the face area but can also be administered to other body parts. It involves injecting a fat-digesting enzyme into pockets of fat. This enzyme is a naturally occurring chemical called Deoxycholate. Once injected the Deoxycholate works by locking onto the fat cell walls, breaking them down to release the fatty acids inside, which are eliminated from the body in your urine.

The fat cells are permanently destroyed means that the results are permanent. However, clients are advised to maintain a healthy diet and exercise to prevent new fat production. You will be treated with the best materials in our professional dermal aesthetic clinic (DAC) in Manchester.



What Areas Can Be Treated?


This treatment can be used for treating a variety of areas that hold onto stubborn fat. Potential treatment areas include:

Thighs, Knees, Buttocks, Below buttocks, Hips, Stomachs, Chin, Below chin, and Lipomas.

Fat Dissolving Injection client Result

Frequently Asked Questions

Often more than one treatment is needed to obtain the desired results.

This treatment is for patients who are looking for losing pockets of fat that are difficult to lose despite improving diet and exercise.

This treatment is completely biodegradable and biocompatible and has got minimal side effects. You can expect swelling and bruising following treatment which is a completely normal part of the process. Downtime takes between 3 – 5 days.

The treatment begins to work immediately. However, there is a lot of swelling for the first week or so. The final result will begin to show after 4 weeks