Our Masterclass Courses

Our medical masterclass courses are designed to provide you with up-to-date content and techniques on aesthetics.

With these classes, you’ll discover key points and new skills that will help you gain confidence and take your aesthetic skills to the next level.

Our master classes feature a complete set of lessons covering a diverse range of subjects, including:

Benefits of our masterclass courses

The following are the benefits of participating in Dermal Aesthetic Clinic medical masterclass courses:

  • You will build confidence and up to date clinical skills for the modern aesthetics environment. 

  • You will learn about the most recent advances in aesthetics and skin care.

  • You will receive step by step guidance from industry experts and experienced instructors.

  • You will connect with experienced practitioners from different specialities within aesthetics.

Topics of our masterclass courses

Lip Filler Masterclass (1 Day)
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Facial Contouring Masterclass (2 Day)
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