Welcome to DAC Academy in Manchester, the premier destination for unlocking your potential in the field of aesthetics.

Our cutting-edge aesthetic training courses offer comprehensive programs in dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injectable treatments.

At DAC Academy, you can discover the power of aesthetic medicine, gain great experience in facial anatomy, and plunge into a fulfilling aesthetics career that allows you to make a positive impact.

Embark on an extraordinary and awe-inspiring transformative journey with us, as we unravel the boundless possibilities of aesthetic training and guide you towards a future brimming with beauty, confidence, and professional fulfillment.

Elevate Your Skills with Expert Aesthetic Training

Unlock your true potential through our expert-led aesthetic training programs. Immerse yourself in the art and science of aesthetic medicine, as our experienced instructors guide you on a path of growth and mastery.

Transform Lives with Dermal Filler Training

Master the art of dermal fillers and unlock the ability to create natural, age-defying transformations. Our specialised dermal filler training equips you with the knowledge and techniques to enhance beauty and restore confidence.

Aesthetics Courses: Fuel Your Career Ambitions

Fuel your career ambitions with our dynamic aesthetics courses. Dive into the world of medical aesthetics, gain in-depth knowledge of the latest techniques, and position yourself as a leading professional in the field.

Pursue an Exciting Aesthetics Career

Turn your passion for aesthetics into a fulfilling career. Our courses provide a solid foundation for launching your aesthetics business or working in a clinic. Embrace a world of endless possibilities.

Who we Train

Our Injectables and Dermal Fillers Cosmetic Training Courses are designed for both medical professionals and non-medical professionals who want to get started or advance their expertise in facial aesthetics.

Candidates that we train in our advanced courses include:

Doctors and Nurses
Physician Associates

Unveil the Magic of Facial Anatomy

Explore the intricate canvas of facial anatomy and discover the secrets to unlocking beauty. Develop a deep understanding of facial structures and proportions, enabling you to deliver precise and personalised aesthetic treatments.

Boost Confidence, Deliver Exceptional Results

With our comprehensive aesthetic training, you’ll gain the confidence to deliver exceptional results. Develop the skills to address diverse aesthetic concerns and leave your clients feeling empowered and radiant.

Discover Your Creative Side with Aesthetic Courses

Ignite your creativity and unleash your artistic flair with our captivating aesthetic courses. Explore innovative techniques and learn to think outside the box, enabling you to offer unique and personalised treatments.

Join a Professional Community of Aesthetics Enthusiasts

Connect with like-minded aesthetics enthusiasts and become part of a thriving professional community. Network, share experiences, and collaborate, fostering growth and expanding your knowledge in the field.

Our support will continue even after the course is completed. This includes advice on how to develop your business idea, grow your team, and start your business.

Furthermore, delegates who complete our cosmetic training courses also gain access to our expert team of digital marketing professionals, accountants, and suppliers, who will be a part of their growth journey.

Our Aesthetic Training Courses

2 Day Advanced Course

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2 Day Foundation Course

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Level 4 Facial Anatomy and Physiology

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4 Day Combined Course

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Freshen Up

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Non Surgical Rhinoplasty (1 Day)

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Lip Filler Masterclass (1 Day)

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Facial Contouring Masterclass (2 Day)

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