Our courses have been designed using a combination of evidence-based learning methods that include theory reading and teaching and doing in the hands-on session. A number of other courses offer e-learning prior to a full day of practical training.  However, we value the importance of delivering face to face theory-based training which enables the delegates to consolidate their learning prior to hands on training.


An important and significant part of practice involves a consultation with the client and is underestimated and hence not often factored into a course.  At Dermal Aesthetics Clinic we believe that it is the key step in aesthetic and we teach delegates the importance of asking the client their health and medical history using a questionnaire for documentation.  We also teach facial mapping, individual, tailored and combination treatment plans with a view to improving cosmetic results.  Therefore, this initial approach is designed to improve interpersonal communication skills and building a foundation for a successful and thriving practice.


Since, we believe that training and teaching on real patients enables the delegates to consolidate their theory-based learning, we arrange and provide a number of live cosmetic models for our training days. Therefore, delegates have an opportunity to gain significant hands-on injecting experience, using visual and practical mapping techniques, and the chance to identify facial anatomy landmarks and experience in adjusting treatments accordingly. Delegate can also provide their own models if they wish.


Due to a lack of knowledge, delegates often do not purse a successful career in the aesthetics industry. However, after completing any of our courses, DAC have options available to help build a delegate’s knowledge, confidence, and business acumen.

Training Courses