Anti-wrinkle Injectables (Botox)

Botox Injections

The anti-wrinkle injection is mostly known as Botox. Botox or Botulinum toxin is a toxin protein produced by the bacterium. Clostridium botulinum is an approved medicine that is injected into muscles by certified practitioners in Dermal Aesthetic Clinic. Botox works by targeting the muscle signal receptors from the nerve to the muscle and blocking them; therefore, it prevents the movement of muscles temporarily to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The result from Botox usually lasts up to 12 weeks depending on the individual and their lifestyle; however, over time it may last more than 12 weeks. The certified practitioner will assist you fully and face to face to make sure that this treatment is the right treatment for you. The Botox then injected with very fine needles on various areas which could cause redness or very mild browsing and/or swelling.

Area of Botox injections

Forehead: injection of Botox into the frontals muscle helps to improve the appearance of the horizontal lines on the forehead. Frown: there are various muscle need to be injected to help the appearance of frown line commonly known as 11 lines between the eyebrows. Crow’s feet: injection of Botox into the orbicularis oculi muscles to relax the muscles around the eye and improve the line. Gummy smile: injecting Botox into the levator labii superiors muscle to limit the movement of the muscle therefore it minimise the gum showing. Marionette Lines: injection of Botox into the depressor anguli oris to relax the muscles to improve the sagy look or sad smile. Kiss line: injection of Botox into the obiculairis oris muscle it helps to improve the line around mouth that commonly cause by smoking. Chin: injection of Botox into the mentalis muscle it helps to improve the dimples on the chin and also it give more V shape to the face. Masseter Muscle: injection of Botox into the Masseter muscle it give the slim sharp to the face also it treat teeth grinding. Neck lift: injection of Botox into multiple area of platysma muscle to relax the muscle and lift the neck. Underarm excess sweating (hyprhidrosis) : injection of Botox superficially (just under the skin) under the arm to reduce and treat sever sweating.


can be use to lift the brows. Also Botox can be injected on neck to lift the skin which commonly known as nephretiti neck lift. It works by targeting the underlying muscles that cause lines and wrinkles and temporarily reducing their activity, leading to a reduction in their appearance. Botox can be injected For the crow’s feet area, your botox specialist will administer injections to three areas of the orbicularis oculi, the area that frames the side of the eye. To reduce frown lines, five injections will be administered to your forehead; one in the procerus muscle and the others in the corrugators muscles.


Limited Offer: A one-year course of Botox treatments for 3 areas (a total of 4 treatment sessions every 12 weeks) including top-ups, only for £450.
Treatments Price
1 Area £150
2 Area £200  £180
3 Area £275  £200
Brow lift £150
Bunny line £150
Gummy Smile £150
Face slimming £350
Nefertiti neck lift £600
Underarm sweating £600
Note: All Botox treatments include a free top-up after two weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

The actual procedure takes between 10-30 minutes, However the time spent with the client is about an hour to ensure a complete medical history, to make sure the client is happy with the treatment and this gives us enough time to take before and after pictures.
The downtime normally takes from 1 to 3 hours, but it varies from person to person.
The general side effects include slight swelling and tenderness around the injected area.
Bruising is very rare but if you take blood thinning medication it might occur
If you have sensitive skin or do not want to risk bruising we advise you to take arnica tablets 5-7 days before your treatment takes place. 
Botox lasts up to 12 weeks and it varies from person to person depending on your muscle strength.
After the Botox treatment you will be given an appointment for “review” session to ensure that you are happy with your treatment and to check if top-up is needed.
  • Gently exercise your face
  • Avoid drinking alcohol for 24hrs
  • Maintain a normal heart rate meaning avoid going to the gym, Jacuzzi etc.
  • Avoid touching, rubbing or physical pressure on the affected area